How Should I Eat?

        Do Not Go on a Diet!



There is a formula to follow; assuming that you will be training 3 – 4 x’s a week for at least 90 days for optimal results. The formula is, how many hours you are awake per day divided by 3.On an average we are up 15 hours per day, so the formula is 15/3=5 small portion controlled meals. There are good fats (unsaturated) and bad fats (Saturated). Fat is an essential nutrient that provides energy, energy storage and is contoured to the body.There are good carbs and bad carbs. Carbohydrates are sugars that the body uses for energy. Simple carbohydrates also called simple sugars, that provide the body with quick energy. They are found in fruit, milk, and sugar. Complex carbohydrates, known as fiber and starch, are broken down in the body slower than simple carbohydrates. They are found in vegetables, bread, rice, oatmeal, whole grains, and peas. Protein is an important part of building muscle. Protein-rich foods include meats, eggs, avocado, nuts, and beans.


       Each food group portion should be the size of the palm of your hand

1)Steak, Pork, Chicken or Fish( tuna, salmon)

2)Vegetables Asparagus, Spinach, Green Beans ( Cruciferous – broccoli ,kale ,cauliflower, brussel sprouts)

3)Grain, Starch( baked /sweet/potato ,brown rice ,couscous or quinoa) .


3 meals being breakfast ,lunch ( the largest meal) and dinner. Between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner, would be a healthy snack such as Greek yogurt with a banana or a handful of raw almonds and an apple (RESULTING IN 5 MEALS). Please consume water( 16 oz. bottle) with every meal. In a perfect world , you are supposed to consume half of your body weight in ounces, of pure water.Avoid energy drinks and soda. Your Diet should also go on a tan, eliminating all white carbs. White rice, white pasta, white sugar etc.


Working out and not consuming enough calories ( below 1200 is starvation), results physically in a smaller frame with no definition.Also since your body is starving, you will activate the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is secreted by your adrenal glands and too much of it results in excessive belly fat.You know , it starts with that pouch that sits around your belly button and flops over your belt. There is a recommended daily allowance set in place for a reason.It is usually 1800 to 2000 calories per day for a woman. For men, the recommendation is a bit higher, at 2000 to 2500 calories per day. In regards to exercising and caloric intake, the number of calories may be even higher. The factors depend on age, gender, height weight and fitness goals.


PRE -Training

Consume a full meal 1 to 2 hours before training.Complex carbs are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


The body requires refueling, feed your muscles. Not consuming a healthy source of nutrients within the 45 minutes of a workout can have adverse reactions –no effect on target weight loss or muscle gain. Consuming a simple carb after a workout will do the job.

Complex Carb: Whole Wheat pasta, brown rice,100% Multigrain or Whole Wheat bread.

Simple Carb: Banana, Rice Cakes, Pineapple ,Oatmeal.