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DO NOT TAKE any supplements sold on this site on an empty stomach.Please stay properly hydrated as well.Always follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and this website, for future updates.


Absouleat ®is natural and vegan-friendly.Our company is run by fitness professionals, that understand, the aid from certain supplements, do help succeed in weight loss. 

It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day maximum  (one with each meal). If you find you are going to the bathroom more frequently than desired, simply take two capsules in the morning with breakfast, instead of 3 per day.



PowerPhile™ – One bottle contains 90 tablets, which is a one month supply (Valued at $64.99). Please follow the directions on the bottle. You may also take this as a 15-day cycle, during rigorous training. Take three tablets per day for 15 days, then discontinue for 15 days and then finishing the bottle. Do not take on an empty stomach.This product works best on a 2000 calorie per day minimum, with plenty of water. This product is not a multivitamin. It does contain B 12 and other natural products to help boost strength and enhance the libido of the average healthy male. For males that are athletes, this product can be taken no younger than 17 years of age. PowerPhile™ can be stacked with 5 grams of Creatine and 2 grams of HMB per training day . It may also be consumed with any Whey or Pea Protein powder of your choice.DO NOT STACK WITH ANY OTHER  DEDICATED PRE/POST WORK OUT SUPPLEMENT OR POWDER!

PowerPhile™ can also be used as a stand-alone energy booster for any other intense activity lasting for more than 45 minutes 





Fitness Calculators are estimates. 

Please consult with a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian or Physician, to confirm accurate calculations for weight loss or weight gain.Please feel free to email us to refer you to any health or fitness professional.